Stanley Matthew

I am the digital marketing and strategy director and look after the day to day digital marketing activities and strategy formulation. My primary objective is to make sure our customers are happy. No one day is the same with varied and challenging briefs and I take customer satisfaction very seriously by finding answers that addresses, their business needs, goals and objectives.

My day never starts until 24 hrs has started. How difficult or easy is that? I am always on the lookout for answers and strategies to briefs which mean sometimes at 12 midnight I have not started or ended my day. Somedays start with burying my head down developing to-market-strategies or analysing and optimizing a campaign for one or more of our clients. This is exactly what gives me kicks when I am able to able to see our clients use the word “wow. I just love it.

It is always fun and electrifying therefore worth every moment of it. It is very satisfying when I team up with others in the office to scope and get off the ground a project.

I am a huge fan of wrestling and Hip-up music. It’s funny that a man of my age is a fan of wrestling as it is often fake so I am not sure you think about me. However, i do apply wrestling skills in my work because I have never tapped out. I would always say; “Hell No” even the sky comes down crashing on my head like a ton of bricks. I also enjoy cooking and would definitely get saliva out of your mouth with my dishes.

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