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Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Our PPC specialist are on hand to help you stand-out from the crowd by maximising your return on investment (ROI) with our Google Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC) implementation, advertising and account management services in the Midlands, England. 

PPC management services

Google Adwords, Bing Ads or search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click are the best available and quickest ways to get your products and or services to the top and bottom of Google's first page.

PPC also includes (display partners) and social media. Your ads show up when your prospects are searching for products and services using key phrases that reflect what you are selling. Pay per click advertising is the best because you are in total control of how much you spend on campaigns and what times of the day your campaigns are active.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) And Pay Per Click (PPC) Best Practices

Our SEM, Adwords and PPC adverting team have been implementing and managing paid advertising for more than 10yrs spanning the UK, EU, Canada and United States.

Over this long period of time, we have gained invaluable SEM experiences that gives us an edge over our competitors when implementing and managing accounts for small, medium and large corporations. We would like to hear from you

We would like to hear from you if you need our advice, free PPC audit,  interested in hiring us to manage your PPC accounts.

Our SEM and PPC account management team understands the importance of return on investment. As a full-scale digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on having the expertise, analytical and technical know-how on being competent enough to deliver a good return on investment (ROI) on almost any SEM campaign that comes our way.

We have the manpower and expertise to approach SEM, Adwords and PPC campaigns from a strategic standpoint, creating novelty and maximizing ROI.

Our results-driven SEM strategy is neither only with Google Adwords - our pay per click (PPC) expertise includes implementing powerful and scalable results oriented campaigns with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo.

We have mastery of these advertising platforms and can create bespoke strategies for your products or services incorporating best practices and benchmarking.


Paid Search Advertising

Earn sales through paid advertising at the right time that your prospects are searching for similar products and services to yours. Google recently rolled out new changes, removing paid ads from the right-hand of its search pages. Paid search has evolved so are we.


Paid ads are featuring right now on the top and bottom of the search results. Research and experience has shown that; ads at the top of search results on the 1st and second pages, usually have a higher conversion rate which means the competition for the top of the search result pages has become more fiercely contested than ever. That is why we are here!

PPC Remarketing

Turn 15-40% of your site visitors into potential customers and loyal customers with the help of remarketing. It is a potential opportunity to target visitors that had been to your site without making a purchase and left.


Even after they'd left and are browsing on another website, your ads will still appear in front of them and the remarketing activity can last for a couple of days before stopping.


With remarketing comes; Dynamic ads, Standard ads, Remarketing for mobile ads, Remarketing list for search ads and Vide remarketing. Remarketing can help you to promote brand awareness, drive sales, increase sign ups and registration.

Social Media Advertising

We'll help you with our expertise and social media insights to identify your target customers, demographics and implement segmentation to push your ads in front of the right personae.


Only your segmented target audiences will be able to see your ads thus a high conversion rate. Social media PPC is not cheap, especially in the western hemisphere. However, once your target audiences have been properly identified, the conversion ratio can be significantly high depending on the products, services and prices on offer.

Google Display Advertising

Online display adverting plays an important role in the digital marketing and online marketing ecosystem especially for branding and general advertising. Formats used in display advertising includes; video, audio, text, images and flash. These ads appear on various websites within Google's display network and specifically targeted on sites that are relevant to your products and or services.


Youtube Video Advertising

Google and Youtube provide various ad formats that may appear on a video being watched. Youtube video marketing can turn viewers into customers, brand ambassadors and advocates.


Normally, these in-video streaming ads start to play before a viewer views their intended video and sometimes during intervals as the viewer is continuously watching a video. After 5 seconds you may skip the ad and sometimes it can be up to 15 seconds before you can them.

We are confident, our Adwords experts can help you to find and achieve success through our PPC ad campaign implementation expertise.

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