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Our link building services experts are experts from our content marketing and SEO team. Permit them to help your brand in gaining strategy-driven high quality inbound links from relevant sources in accordance with your products and services.


Strategic link building services

Our link building services rotates around quality and robust strategies. Without quality backlinks, your onpage optimization becomes a waste of time and energy.

Benefit from a complete and thorough competitor analysis, personalized link building services and audits that identifies your strengths and weaknesses when compared to your competition.

 If you have a marketing team, we can also formulate best practice link building strategies specifically for your team so we can come together in this task and rapidly blow your traffic while increasing your position in the SERPS

Quality link building services

Everyone can build links but building links that consider best practices and benchmarks can become a difficult task if not a daunting one for the faint hearted. The process is also time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes very challenging.


However, striving to build inbound links and as well as improving social signals brings a huge benefit to websites the desire to become competitive in search engine results.


In recent time, one best practice of link building links is about creating content that resonates with your target audiences, content that is shareable and of thought leadership quality. This is no easy task and that is where our link building experts become handy to your business needs.

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Incoming links from reputable and websites with similarity are very crucial for search engine rankings. Even though Google's algorithms are constantly evolving, hyperlinks are still some of the most important factors that influence higher visibility and search rankings.


Again in recent times, thought leadership content has become the jewel of link building because quality content remains the king of link building in search engine (SEO) rankings.


It is therefore very imperative to understand your target audiences, develop a content marketing strategy before developing content that will provide grounds to earn links from your prospects, target audiences and customers.

Ethical link building best practices

Improving link equity and social media signals is a prerequisite for online businesses wanting to do well in Google or bing search results.


To become competitive in the SEO world, your business will need to earn links as compared to buying spam from directories, blog comments that will "penguin 4.0" all your efforts.


Our link building strategies take into consideration your business plan, goals, objectives, geography, price, promotion and product. This helps us to determine whether to implement a local link building strategy, go global or both.


There are many challenges in link building as the process requires a mixture of skills from different specialties. Building relations and story-telling like a PR guru are fundamental to this process.

Link building audits and analysis

Our link building experts are able to effectively plan and analysis your competitor's website capitalising on gap analysis, the sources of their incoming link, link velocity, link volume, link authority and anchor texts.


Bremain Media's link building services is purely focused on best practices and quality rather than quantity.


In practice, we will develop your content strategy as part of the link building strategy to give you the opportunity to build long term relations and earn quality links.


With all these analysis, they are able to build up hypothesis on how to effectively outsmart them in their own game and give your product and services that edge to increase your audience acquisition through organic search.

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Link building tools we deploy

Link building is never the less a cheap process. Effective link building strategy considers tools that are built for that purpose. Some of the very best tools come with a monthly price of $400 and this price is only for a single tool.


Link building tools are not cheap. There are still about 3 more tools we will use. So we would factor the cost of these tools in the price we quote. The reason we use these link building tools is because we want to create link building strategies and tactics that foster long-term relationships with your target customers, enticing them to come back for more content from time to time.

We will also introduce your business to Self Help from is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet.


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Link building is a priority. Reach out and learn how we'd help.

Drop us a line or two below and let's work together to help your brand to leap the competition.

We have no link building packages at all as we deploy bespoke link building strategies. Our pricing is based on the competition and the number of days needed to get the job excellently executed. Feel free to contact us for further details and or for a quote.


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