Fiverr Gig Death Trap

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Killers on the Internet! Is your laptop switched-on on Fiverr’s death trap for content marketing and SEO?

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You’d better consult Internet doctors and surgeons at an early stage if you are one of those buying content articles, hiring SEO and link building service gigs from Fiverr’s distinguished flock of inexperienced “newbies” and “tourist marketing specialists” offering best methodologies to killing your long term ambitions and business goals.

This is the absolute take home from cheap labour. Deliverables are against Google guidelines and best practices. If you are a believer in cheap labour, then, I am sure there is a psychiatrist next door not forgetting the cardiologists in that university hospital a few minutes drive, for when you might experience a heart attack.

This is an epitome of what to expect from English content producers from Russia, China and East European migrants in the United States of America whose English skills are as apt as that of Frenchman learning English and writing as a novice. As experience is the best teacher, why not go to fiverr, engage with content marketing producers and SEO specialist and ask for samples of their work? Do that and learn a good lesson. I am by no means undermining non-native-English speakers. There are millions of them better in English composition and production than native speakers.

Fiverr became a brand name y nature of its offerings. Credit where credit is due, there are some experts on the platform but you’d have to dig day and night. I am well aware that to question someone based on where they hail from could mark me as some kind of a throwback. I am entitled to my opinion and free to express my experiences.

If I had not gone to Fiverr looking for these services when under pressure from various clients I would have remained bleak and in the dark. Had I initially wanted to consult with genuine digital marketing specialists, I would not have had something to write on to help other marketers that might be feeling my pain. In addition, we have since taken on more freelance staff to deal with the backlog.

You will find gig providers with hundreds of satisfied customers. However, if you decide to dig deeper by trying to analyse names, one could undoubtedly uncover that; these satisfied customers are neither native English speakers.

I did was ask more than 20 content marketing producers for a sample of their past work and was astonished by what I saw. Asked more than 20 link builders with more than 500 satisfied customers to share some samples of their work and could not believe what I saw. Spam all over the Internet. What a pity.

In other categories like web development, social media, graphics design et al, I see no reason why we can’t use them. Providers are from all over the world and you get to confirm the order as good for business before the provider receives pay.

Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and link-building are very important but dangerous components of the art of digital marketing especially when implemented without best practices in mind and benchmarks.

A research document conducted by Adobe in partnership with E-consultancy shows that; content marketing will become a big spender as we ride into 2017. However, if you decide to spend on Fiverr, looking for content and or SEO, I can assure you 75% of the service providers is a death trap.

Finally, I will caution anyone to always make sure you ask for samples of past projects when using Fiverr gigs.




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