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If you are going to be successful online, then it is imperative you cannot shy away from competitor analysis as it enables you to know who you are up against, assess their weaknesses and strengths, what they are doing, where they are in the SERPS, which content is driving engagement and a lot more.

Analyzing the competition

Competitor analysis in digital marketing analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your potential and immediate competition in the digital landscape.


This assessment provides insights for the implementation of defensive and offensive strategies to identify opportunities for progress and threats to your digital marketing initiatives.


Competitor analysis should and most be part of your marketing plan.

Competitor analysis should form a critical and integral part of your digital marketing mix. The analysis allows you to establish the best way forward for your products and or services, including what steps to implement and attract your target audiences.

Our digital marketing experts will help to identify your immediate competitors and their own competitors. They will also consider their link building strategies, keywords, content and wireframing.

They will provide an in-depth analysis that permits and enables you to reconsider your marketing strategy, where to concentrate your resources that will create the most impact in the development of your business.

The primary objective is to help beat your immediate competition hands-down within a given time frame and maintain the lead. In formulating your business strategy, our digital marketers and researchers and the explore the marketing strategy being executed by immediate and core competitors as a vital component of strategic research and planning.

They will leave no stone unturned during this competitive analysis phase. Your competitors will be analysed systematically using well-structured processes that help in recovering insights and intelligent gathering fact-based approaches that enhance the compilation of facts from a wider spectrum with the goal of making well-informed decisions that will skyrocket your business's growth.

Primary and qualitative research

Our team researchers will develop and implement primary research to find answers to specific questions and issues. Once through with primary research and marketing research services, they will employ exploratory research known as qualitative research to understand, find hidden issues, opinions, reasons and motivations, aimed at gaining insights into your brand issues or to form hypothesis for further quantitative research.

Secondary and quantitative research

The data our researchers collected through primary research will form the basis for secondary research hypothesis. After which quantitative research will be accompanied which involves a structured way of asking the masses for their opinions that can build hard facts and statistics to inform our researchers on the best strategy and methodology to deliver your expected goals and objectives.

SEO & Link building competitive analysis

SEO competitive analysis is one of the fundamental processes for a successful SEO campaign. Our researches and SEO consultants will work together to succinctly identify your SEO targets to provide the basis for your overall SEO strategy and implementation. However, as you may be quite aware, it is not an easy task for the layman as there are numerous factors to explore and consider as the process includes link building. Link building is a component of SEO but completely very dangerous when applied wrongly. 

Website competitive analysis

Website competitive analysis is very important as is UX but most often it is carried out wrongly by people claiming to be industry experts. I am quite convinced you've wondered sometimes why your competitors are outranking you despite all your efforts.


Our experts will create an SEO plan, target and the criteria to measure success. As we are a full stack digital marketing company with in-house experts, a competitive analysis will be carried out on par with your on-site analysis whereby your website will be thoroughly x-rayed and analysed, looking for opportunities and identifying issues.

Product, Promotion, Price and Place analysis

Many start-ups and established brands understand the 4Ps but cannot figure out how to integrate it to the wider marketing mix to benefit from the process of the implementation of 4Ps, product, price, place and promotion. In essence, it means that; your product should be what your target audiences want, sell it in a place where they are active, sell it at a price that gives value to them and at the time your audiences want it. Period! The 4Ps are inevitably part of the process of our competive analysis.

We execute all projects about competitor analysis through a team of experienced in-house researchers

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This is a call for you to excel in digital marketing by choosing our experienced in-house competitor analysis experts to explore, research, digest and formulate strategies that meet your business needs and creates growth.


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