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Affiliate marketing also known as performance marketing create a relationship between the advertiser and publisher aimed at driving traffic to the advertiser's website.

Affiliate marketing helps in driving traffic as well increasing sales via the affiliate marketing channel. It is also a tool for building awareness as you could have hundreds if not thousands of publishers advertising your products and services.


These publishers do so for a reward that is paid upon the delivery of the goals identified by the advertiser. These rewards are usually based on either, the delivery of CPM, sale or clicks. This is crucial channels for those brands with products and more often brands working with limited budgets.


Publishers websites and content usually share some common grounds with advertisers in terms of similarity or relevance. It is a cost effective solution and we are here to make it happen for your brand in realtime.

Managing affiliates is not a straight forward task as individual publishers may have different and various needs.


It is also important to carry out some form of investigative analysis with regards to their online footprints, website, content and traffic to determine how to successful benefit from their publishing activities while managing their needs at the same time.


Their needs could include designing bespoke creatives that are published by specific publishers, maintaining constant communication, helping them to improve their websites to increase conversions and so on. 

We have affiliate marketing specialists with a vast amount of experiences in creating affiliate marketing strategies that deliver extensive publisher engagement, business goals and good return on investment.


Our performance marketers can deliver campaigns for a wider range of verticals and businesses. 


We know for sure, identifying the right agency or experts to take over the management of your affiliate marketing to another level is not as easy as it may sound. We are curious as you are to make sure, we can find grounds to create a productive partnership and work together.

In affiliate marketing and account management, building stronger and effective relationships is critical in implementing a workable affiliate marketing campaign.


We need to have a shared vision, objectives and good cooperation else the anticipated success is merely a dream. Account management means becoming an extension of your business.


Having a meaningful affiliate management relation means we would set up accounts, create banner ads, recruit affiliates, approve or reject affiliate applications, maintain communication, assist affiliates and provide clear reporting and performance analysis channels.


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Affiliate marketing is a trend not familiar with every brand. It is often over looked but the rewards are mind blowing when implemented with a good strategy in place.


Our team of affiliate marketing experts and managers possess the technical skills to help connect your brand with various networks, publishers and verticals that are relevant to various businesses and brands to generate and drive maximum traffic and sales for your products and services.


This marketing strategy when succinctly implemented has always delivered the results.

Why is affiliate marketing so critical for your brand to implement? The answer is very straight forward. It is a low risk marketing channel and tactics.


No sales - no pay, low CPM impressions - no pay. When compared with PPC, you will agree that, every click is paid-for irrespective of whether there is a conversion or not.


In addition to organic traffic from the search engines, you will have affiliates from your desired geographies around the globe marketing your products without an up front payment and building your brand awareness without any costs.

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Good communication skills in performance-based-marketing is good for building lasting relationships with your publishers which's one skill our guys possess.


They have knowledge of all aspects of major affilliate marketing platforms, the knowledge to keep publishers motivated in promoting  and selling your products.


Many of the affiliates we are associated with have huge emails lists. Email marketing remains the king of marketing till today.


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